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宁波市海曙小小磁性材料有限公司,公司成立于2006年。座落在宁波市藕池工业区,地处沪杭甬高速公路出口, 距离机场5公里,位置优越,交通便利。公司产品主要应用在以下一些方面:医疗设备,计算机,复印机电 动工具,空调机,冰箱,机床数控系统,电梯驱动及各类新型节能电机:汽车电机,选矿机,除铁设备, 各类磁水器,磁化器:高性能微波管,航空航海陀螺仪等尖端装置:磁传动,磁吸盘,磁起重装置。 在我国和东南亚地区还有一个很大的磁疗市场,如功能鞋,磁饰,减脂肪运动机等。其它还用防雾灯, 磁卡门锁,礼品盒开关等。
Ningbo HaiShu small magnetic materials co., The company was founded in 2006,LTD is located in ningbo, lotus root pool industrial zone, located in shanghai-hangzhou-ningbo expressway export, 5 km from the airport, position is superior, the traffic is very convenient.Company products are mainly used in the following aspects: medical equipment, computers, copiers, electric tools, air conditioner, refrigerator, machine tool numerical control system, the elevator drive and all kinds of new energy-saving motor, automobile motor, concentrator, the iron removal equipment, all kinds of magnetic water device, magnetizing apparatus, high performance microwave tube, air navigation gyroscope device such as a tip: magnetic drive, magnetic chuck, magnetic lifting device.In China and southeast Asia has a large market protection, such as the function of shoes, magnetic act the role ofing, reducing fat sports machine, etc.Other still use to prevent fog lamps, magnetic card door lock, gift boxes switches etc.Ningbo HaiShu small magnetic materials co., LTD., sincerely for your service, welcome old and new customers came to negotiate.